Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Granddaughter Ally at the playground. Most all the shots that day turned out blurry! Ally was so active and didn't stay still for a minute so that didn't help, plus I need some sort of tripod. Maybe I should stick to trees and flowers that don't move!

I had a hard time concentrating on this and ended up lifting part (the left side) from wildchild
Plus Inspiration from Lynns gallery at Designer Digitals

Lynn Grieveson: Amelie Kit
Katie Pertiet: Curled Note Paper

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Anonymous said...

what camera brand are you using? try to put the ISO setting of your camera to a higher value or maybe if your camera has a SPORT MODE preset, you can also use that. you will not need a tripod for this situation. you might just use a little flash to freeze the moment, and try to ZOOM OUT to lessen the unnecessary shake or vibration. if you're not that familiar with your camera, please refer to the manual. hope that helps. enjoy. take care.

ps. i've made new videos and they're in my blog. hope you will like them as much as you liked my sagada video.