Sunday, December 30, 2007

Getting all Nostalgic!

I've been looking at all the warm and inviting Christmas pages at Designer Digitals, and seeing the one that Mollie posted, with her tree filled with ornaments collected from all over the world, and each with a special memory attached, makes me a bit nostalgic for my "big tree" with the ornaments that are packed in numerous boxes in the garage!

For the past few years we've enjoyed fewer decorations and a smaller, thinner tree that doesn't take so many weeks to put up. It can only handle my lighter ornaments that are mostly a collection of artist's designs. I never realized I'd been choosing angel ornaments when I bought or bartered with other artists and craftspeople, until I gathered them all together, so now I call this my "angel" tree!

I had planned to give up on the "big tree", but reading Mollie's page makes me want to get mine out at least one more time before sharing them with Linda and Lauren.

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