Saturday, January 30, 2010

Maybe I wont delete this blog after all.

Except for the occasional visitor, I thought I was pretty much alone here posting pages for my family to see. They have busy lives and only look if I show them, so I gradually started to neglect my two blogs. I finally decided to get rid of both of them and just keep my stuff on my computer.

I was shocked when I discovered Picasa, and found out the number of views I was getting. Some of my layouts have over a thousand hits, I realize this is not many to some active blogs, but when you think no one is watching, it is! I now feel guilty that I haven't been posting the credits for my layouts. Most are from, or made by me.

My original intent for blogging was to use it to give away freebies of the many papers and elements I was making in Photoshop. Now I know I have visitors, I might just try to learn how to do that.


Sharon said...

Yes, don't delete this blog. I just found it following a thread from Designer Digitals and it looks very good indeed. Keep it up!

Lime said...

LOL! Must have been a shock to see all the views!