Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Dance little lady

Ally's dance lesson.
The background paper and dancing dolls are by chris (me), the clipping mask is from Annna Aspnes kit : 12X12PageHPFotoBlendz2_.

There's this British paper cutting artist that does wonderful paper sculptures coming out of books. Seeing them was an inspiration for doing my - more stylized paper dolls.

Su Blackwell:


Pom said...

Please do not delete the blog! LOL! I enjoy your pages here so much, Chris. Those cut-out dolls? Genious! I love your blend and stamp works too! When you do start making something to give away, I will definitely be first in line for them!

Thank you for all the comments you left on mine too. It must be quite boring to read these days, full of PR stuff (I LOVE it when you tell it like it is. lol) Well, you got to do what you got to do huh? Sometimes it's even fun! :)

Tracy said...

Hi Chris, What absolutely gorgeous art, beautifully created with stunning colours and embellishments. The ballerina embellishments are fabulous, what a wonderful concept! Have a wonderful day! ((HUGS)) Tracy

PS Thank you for your uplifting comments :)

Tam said...

I was browsing through again - some of your older stuff. I was looking at a 1957 layout of you and I assume hubby. Such a pretty lady!!
And I was going to tell you your brother George is cute... and now I've come to the realization (after you mentioned about over 70 New Years - didn't think you were that old!) that those pictures must be old and he's gotta be old enough to be my father. LOL

Merrilee said...

I'm so glad you didn't decide to quit your blog, Chris. I stop by from time to time when I am reminded of your blog by seeing the link to it in one of your comments in the forum at Designer Digitals. I love to see your scrapbook pages because you are a very talented artist. The dancing cut-out dolls are an example of your talent. They are beautiful!

TR said...

Wonderful layout!

shopgirl said...

Ooohhh...I absolutely LOVE your cut-out dolls!!! Both of my girls are dancers (my 7 year old spends on average 15 hours of lessons per week). If you do decide to share them, I'll definitely take them and use them well on my layouts!!
I'm so happy to have stumbled upon your blog =)!