Friday, April 02, 2010

The West Country, England

We've been looking at our photos taken on our last visit to England and it's getting me a bit homesick. When we do our month long visit, we love to visit one of the West counties; Devon or Cornwall, then on to Wales for a week, up to the Lake District and down again to London for a visit with my family. Devon has many tourist spots along the coast and it's a nice visit after all the children go back to school and free of all the crowds. A raincoat and rain hat are always on hand, umbrellas are cumbersome and too easily left behind as we have our Cornish Pasty and chips along with our ale in one of the pubs for lunch.

If we have a large breakfast and skip lunch, a cream tea at one of the tiny tea shops or Patisserie is a must for later in the afternoon. In England supper extends to midnight in some areas.

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Tam said...

Could you stuff me in your suitcase and bring me along??? *sigh*