Friday, September 03, 2010

The Story of Leah

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The journaling reads: "The story of Leah who came all the way
from China to live in this strange new world.  She had to put up with food
that she had never tasted before; words coming out of people's mouths
that she did not know. and visits to doctors who pricked her arm,
poked at her tummy and bound her feet and legs in plaster
making it difficult to get around. It would be years before she'd
understand this was all done for love for this sweet little girl so she
could walk tall and free.

Our granddaughter is having non surgical treatments for her club feet.
Her legs are in casts that have to be changed each week.

This first week she appears to be doing fine.

Another paper from my upcoming kit. The the frame with stitching isn't included.
The free stitches were made by GUNHILD STOREIDE
and found on her website: Gunhild Storeide


Tam said...

pretty LO!
Sweet girl... poor thing! I hope the treatments work well for her.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful layouts!