Monday, January 16, 2012

Frilly dilly bag

Frilly dilly bag, originally uploaded by kirsten67.
I love the mixture of pattern and color.

I decided to try to get the pattern from Kirsten67 and make several of these in different sizes with some of my fabric stash for my studio and workrooms.  I might sew a design on the front showing what I have inside the bag - ribbons, jewelry parts, etc.  They'd be a colorful addition.  Though knowing me, I'll make one or two then get tired of making them!

I just discovered the Frilly dilly bag came from....

I've checked her website and Etsy Shop and can't find a contact or a way to purchase the pattern from the US

Thank you Janelle for stopping by and letting me know where to buy your patterns.
The url  - here:

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Janelle Wind said...

Hi, Janelle here. So sorry you couldn't find a stockist of my bag in the US. I just did a little google search (as my distributor does the selling for me) and found one here.
Hope it helps
x Janelle