Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ticket to Venice

This will be the third class I've taken with MaryAnn Moss, and if it's anything like the previous two, I know I'll stay happy and busy in months to come!
If you enjoy working with paper and scraps.  I urge you to take her Remains of the Day (ROTD) Journal Tutorial.   Mary Ann is such a good teacher and will help you bring a wonderful journal to life in simple steps.

Next is her Boogie Tilt Journal - three hardcover books that are a little more ambitious, but still attainable with her wonderful video instructions. I see this is on sale right now: Full Tilt Boogie

I should add that these classes have to be the most fun ones I've taken, and are very addicting.


Gill said...

Aha! I have spotted the common factor ;-)

Thanks for the comment on my blog - yes, it's one and the same WholeFoods and the Cheltenham store is supposedly the first one outside London (though I'm sure there used to be one in Bristol some years back) At last, I have a source of Corn syrup and my Californian friend no longer needs to bring it for me!

Aside from that, how lovely to discover your blog too - my RSS feed is a little richer for that.

See you in class ;-) said...

Hi Chris! I am going to sign up for Mary Ann's class too.
Nice to "meet" you via Mary Ann.

Monica said...

I am on MAM's class also and an X pat. Stay in touch with UK though a bog WOYWW, a very online idea that takes me inside UK arts and crafts scene today!