Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My daughter, Linda when we lived in Guam for a couple of years in the early seventies. I need to write down memories before they're forgotten!

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Anonymous said...

hi chris,
thank you for those very nice words you said about my blog. it really put a big smile on my face after i've read it and it means a lot to me. i never thought that i would inspire this many people with my blog.
the sagada video was a very special video and i've made it from my heart. that was my first time visiting sagada and i fell in love with it immediately. a local internet cafe owner gave me a local audio disc after i taught them how to make a blog for their guiding association to promote their tourism and that's where i got the background music for my video.
you will find the link of their blog in biyahengpinoy.
i saw your daughter's picture in your latest post and i thought she looked so beautiful. i really like the scrapbooks. never seen any blog like that before. you are such a trendsetter.
many friend have been telling me not to go to tuguegarao, thinking that i would help to solve my friend's death, but i've never really thought of doing that. i'm just there to visit my old friend. i'm happy that people both friends and strangers give me nice advice when they read that post.
i didn't know you're an old time blogger. i could only see just some of your works but i thought, "this can't be a work of a beginner."
because of your kind words, it energizes me and you also inspire me as much as i inspire you.

i will add you up in my co-blogger links if that's okay with you. thank you chris.

ps. im really sorry for the long comment.