Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Joey's Birthday Treat

I'm trying to link to credits on these, will learn this blogging one of these days!! The tear is mine and the paper is Katie Pertiet's Botanist 3

Our annual "Take grandson out for a Birthday treat" day!
This year it was off to buy a skateboard - not any old skateboard, mind you, this had to be the "pro" kind instead of the toy one from Target he'd been using. Ours came from Dick's and we had two very helpful young men get Joey fitted up with the best one for him but wouldn't break the bank for Pappy!


Kelly said...

I love the effect of the skateboard coming out. Very cool!

Being Mrs Miles said...

what a nice layout you've made, Chris - very effective the way he's popping out of the paper! Thanks for your kind comments on my blog - I LOVE hearing stories of ppl who have been happily married for decades... its CHOICE, no? So many people don't realize that - if its not working they wait for the OTHER person to change... when really, if WE change, we can inspire change by the change in us... LOL, sorry for the rambling. I've bookmarked you - will return when I can! :) Barb