Thursday, May 13, 2010

Free Photography classes all weekend starting Friday 14th 1pm

I'm one of their junkies, but otherwise have nothing to do with Creative Live

(formerly Creative Tech) except I want to spread the word about their terrific classes.

This weekend there's going to be a rewatch of the first six weeks of The Fundamentals of Digital Photography Course, with John Greengo.

He's a part of the team with Art Wolfe's "Travels to the Edge" TV series and is a very intelligent and knowledgeable teacher who has a unique style of teaching with his own terrific graphics. These really help simplify the understanding of the many photography concepts.

It's free unless you want to download the classes to re-watch later. Me and my new camera will probably be there the whole weekend so I'd better get some meals made ahead of time!
Check out Creative Live

- A Live Worldwide Creative Classroom


Tam said...

My Saturday is booked. Take notes and share. LOL Actually, we do have that photography section on the board. I bet you could teach us all a thing or 20. LOL

Pom said...

I'm echoing Tam. LOL! :)