Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Leah Papers. I would love a hint - Do you prefer the pastel or bright?

Please click image for a larger size    

I want to celebrate the flower because they're celebrating The Chelsea Flower Show in London right now, and I would so love to be there. I also want to celebrate our new granddaughter whom we met for the first time a few days ago and she's as pretty as a perfect flower. Welcome to your new country and your new family Leah.
This is a peek at the papers I'm working on named Leah to celebrate the flower and this sweet little girl. I've many of the same design but different colors and I understand people not liking re-colored papers, but these have been re-colored through a process of blending and adding a variety of multicolored layers and textures, and not simply re-colored in Photoshop's Hue and Saturation mode. I wonder if this is realized? Anyway I'm trying to get a few more different papers to to with these. They'll be free as usual.

The Chelsea Flower Show is put on by the Royal Horticultural Society in Chelsea, London each May. This is possibly the most famous gardening event in the world and because it's so popular, tickets have to be bought in advance. The first couple of days is only open to RHS members.

Sorry, the Digital Paper Freebies are no longer available. 
~~ chris


Tam said...

Cutie!! congrats on the new addition!

Um... both! LOL

Joy said...

Hard to pick but I'm leaning toward pastels.

deborah a/k/a SimplyVixen said...

i like 1 and 3... 2 is too blue for a little girl (but hey, it's what you like, right?)
they are all lovely!

Yan Hong said...

Definitely the brights.
Just discovered your blog. Fabulous.