Saturday, June 18, 2011

I took this class: Beyond Photography - Artistic Post Production at Creative Live last week, and I'm so glad I purchased the course before the broadcast was finished - it was at a discount then.  I've been watching bits of it again whenever I have a free moment and although I've got a good grasp on Photoshop, I found many nuggets, throughout the class, just as Doug Landreth said I would!

I might start posting my blended photos one of these days…when I get one good enough to show…when I have enough guts.  I did blend one of my designs with a texture that Doug gave to us, and really liked it, unfortunately Photoshop crashed and ate it all up before I saved it.

I've got a few of my old photo blends somewhere hidden amongst my one-photo-a-day posts on my other blog:  A Snippet a Day - I'm not very good at sticking with things I don't want to stick with, and gave up that project so soon!

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