Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Banksy art - on the streets of Brick Lane, London. So cool.

Bansky is a British graffiti artist who does wonderful work on walls of Brick Lane, London.


Tam said...

You know, I always thought if people were going to do graffiti, they should at least put the talent to use enough to make nice pictures.

Pom said...

Hey Chris,
Thank you so much! Just got a couple of your comments on my recent scrapbook pages. You really made my day. The kind comments mean a lot to me because, can you believe it, I just resigned from all my CT positions 2 days ago. I'm just so busy in real life and don't have time to scrap regularly anymore. I'll probably be around and hopefully keep the blog going though. (Fingers crossed!) Your blog is still soooooooooooo inspiring as usual. The funny thing is, as I won't have to make time to scrap my own pages, I'll possibly have enough time to visit other people's blogs much more often! LOL