Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Frustrated by Blogger!

I tried the new designs and features in Blogger - didn't like them, and now I can't get back to my old design.  The header is centered over the posting block and not center of the page, the graphics aren't the way I set them originally.
It's just like Blogger was in the beginning, too hard to control. 
I have some experience and training hanging paintings in galleries, and I like to use the same concept on my blog - simple with a white background.  That way the colors have little competition.
I'm taking a workshop on Word Press next week, and might open another blog with Google Streets captures - of places we've lived or been.  I love Google Streets.


Tam said...

Oh, that is frustrating when things change. I just had to check mine, seems okay. I noticed they made a change though so if you click on an image to see it bigger it opens into it's own little slideshow window with other pics in the same post.

bluegiraffe (Sherry) said...

Hi, Chris! I'm Sherry P from Columbia, MD. You just commented on my 101 Themes blog (Colour). I'd love you to stop by and visit my main blog, http://www.alittlecoloreveryday.blogspot.com. I'm so excited to meet someone online from this area! Your work is just great. Hope to see you online again.