Friday, February 03, 2012

The Blob

I had to defrost a packaged sauce in the microwave, but didn't check the directions since a previous sauce had said no need to pierce for steam. I saw it ballooning up, but instead of opening the door before it burst, I rushed upstairs to get my camera!
I was fast at taking a number of shots of this, and it wasn't until after that I realized my camera was on manual. As I checked each image in the viewer I adjusted the controls without thinking, so breaking in my photography book (see previous post) seems to be working, because having the book stay open is so comfortable, that I'm reading and learning from it daily!


ainelivia said...

That is a very interesting image.... for some reason it reminds me of a breast implant.... probably because they are so much in the news at the moment.

I've left replies to all your lovely comments on my photoblog Chris, and just letting you know, as i'm not sure if you will receive and email to notify you or not all the best Carol Ann

Tam said...