Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My mum about 1968
I arrived in England with Linda and Lauren after a couple of years in Turkey to find my Mum had left to visit my two sisters in Chicago and this was taken on that visit. I caught up with them later which was to be my last time with Mum.

Katie Pertiet: paper strip from La Cremerie Myrtille (slightly colored)
jewelry Tag, Flossy Stitches, Posted Valentines.

Chris (me) Background paper, frame.
Brushes: Jason Gaylor

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

We had a lovely visit from Ray, Lauren and Ally over the weekend and went out for supper - first time Howard and I ate beef in a long time! I think Linda, Jim and family were having too much fun in their boat on the Bay To join us!

Katie Pertiet: PinUp Vintage Frames at Designer Digitals- love those!
Gina Marie Huff: Believing in you at Weeds and Wildflowers
Chris (me) A gradient orange overlay for the bg paper.
" " Flower clusters that I had fun making in Photoshop.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

A nice match for my couch!

Daughter Lauren wearing the perfect match for my couch!

I'm having a great time with these frames. This one's a little different in that I usually "paste into" the photo to the frame in Photoshop, but since this acts more like an overlay and blends into the photo, I place the frame on top and erase the rest of the photo. I'm going to try to insert cracks and tears so instead of a frame it will look like an old photo!
I wish I could figure this blogging stuff as well as I do Photoshop!

The frame, page edging and paint splatter overlay by Chris (me)
Katie Pertiet, Black frame edgers
All the rest from
Lynn Greiveson, Amelie kit.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Never Forgotten

I have no other photos of my mum, brother and dad's sister from this era so used this old torn and cracked pic that cried out for a grunge layout!

I've restored this photo before, but recently decided that I like tears and folds in old photos. I loved a layout by Nevache (will link to DST later) It reminded me of an old worn 1890 magazine I had on the computer so decided to use it to fold around Katie's frame.

Credits: Chris Shoop (me): Grunge and folded frame, flowers and leaves, flag, cord. Katie Pertiet: LetterBox papers, FlossyStitches_yellow, Tiny PostageFrames, FiledPhotoFramesNo2 paperclip Kelley Mize: measured edges