Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The darn book won't stay open!

I'm determined to learn all the buttons on my Canon camera.  The manual is okay to understand, but print is way too tiny for my aged eyes, and it won't stay open.  I  downloaded a copy from Canon that's easier to read on screen, but it's a bit of a pain when I want to lounge on the couch and read from the coffee table (in my case tea-cup table!) with the camera on my lap.  Printing pages was fine but with too many to print, I decided to purchase a Canon 7d Guide from Amazon.  The book is great, but the pages still wouldn't open flat.  I was just going to get it "spiral wire bound" from Staples, but found this guide for opening new books correctly and it really works to keep them open!

I love how this guide has been illustrated:    guide

and another guide:      How to open a new book

Monday, January 16, 2012

Frilly dilly bag

Frilly dilly bag, originally uploaded by kirsten67.
I love the mixture of pattern and color.

I decided to try to get the pattern from Kirsten67 and make several of these in different sizes with some of my fabric stash for my studio and workrooms.  I might sew a design on the front showing what I have inside the bag - ribbons, jewelry parts, etc.  They'd be a colorful addition.  Though knowing me, I'll make one or two then get tired of making them!

I just discovered the Frilly dilly bag came from....

I've checked her website and Etsy Shop and can't find a contact or a way to purchase the pattern from the US

Thank you Janelle for stopping by and letting me know where to buy your patterns.
The url  - here: