Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Leah's Second Birthday

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Using my daughter and granddaughter to show one of the papers I've been working on. 
These past few years I've been getting all girlie and pretty! I used to love grunge and gritty.
Oh, the flowers in the paper are from a photo I took outside a McDonald's in Hazleton Pa.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Oh Hurtie Feet!

I've had lots of fun during the summer making papers. I used the blender in Photoshop to combine and mix some photos from my nice new camera with some of the sketches and brushes I'd previously done, but the finished images remain in a frozen state on my computer desktop.

Of course it didn't help move things along when I sprained my foot, became immobile, and had to rely on my dear hubby for everything. At first, he'd occasionally forget I was upstairs and couldn't move, so I just breathed in the whiffs from his Stouffer's lunch as it heated in the microwave. I knew it wouldn't be long before he'd bring me a cup of tea - he's always been thoughtful like that even when I can move around, and since we've always eaten separate lunches, this was an easy forget. I didn't want to be one of those constant complainers or a "get me this" and "get me that" sort of invalid. Mind you, I found myself turning into one of these with very little effort.

My first bit of independence came with the desk chair on wheels Howard so brilliantly thought up. It felt so good to be able to get off the bed and wheel myself around upstairs for the short spurts my foot didn't hurt. I even braved the crawl down the stairs and up again (warning: don't try this for more than a day, it's murder on tender knees!). Howard would carry the chair downstairs for me to move around in the living room and kitchen until we remembered another unused chair in the basement, so now I had one on each floor. It was pure luxury to be able to crawl downstairs, pull myself up (I need to lose some weight!) without slipping on the tiled floor, and use this second chair to manipulate myself around the kitchen to get breakfast and lunch for myself.

As my injured foot started to heal, the other one flared up - what pain! It was probably because of the extra use and twisting I gave it while "wheeling" myself around. But each day my feet grew a little stronger and the pain milder. It took weeks before I could actually limp down the stairs using both my feet. Then I did the whole ten yards and walked (ever so slowly) all the way to the basement and back without aid of chairs to wheel me. Today I removed my elastic bandages and feel very little pain, what joy!

Although my feet are not completely healed, I'm back at my main computer and looking through all the papers I previously made, but still I can't seem to let them go. They just aren't good enough, they're too pretty-pretty, have no texture, the colors are too safe. etc. etc....and that's why they sit there frozen.

Maybe I'll post a couple on this blog for a few days to see how they look in another setting......