Wednesday, March 17, 2010

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My great granddaughters, Brooke and Bria last December.
This is more of the King's Rd, Chelsea Papers that I'm offering as a freebie pack.

Chelsea was the home of many famous people: Shelley, Sir Thomas More and J W Turner. Oscar Wilde, George Eliot,and later Mick Jagger have all had homes there. It's most famous street, King's Road, is part of the long promenade that runs from the Royal Mews through Sloane Square. It was laid out by Charles II as a link between the Palace of Westminster and Hampton Court. In the fifties there were many boutiques and art galleries along this road, but now it's filled with the same shops as is found on most high streets.

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~~ chris

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"Dylan slept here" Chelsea in the 1950's

This paper and ribbon is offered as a freebie along with some other jeweled toned papers. Arty Chelsea in in the 50's was my inspiration.

Dylan Thomas slept here

London's Chelsea was once the place of writers and artists and a bit of Bohemia. My sister, Marie and her husband fit well as they made their home here before they moved to Rio de Janeiro in the fifties. Marie told me a story of the time she woke up one morning after Bill, her husband, had left for work and discovered one of his drinking buddies asleep on the couch. When he got up he wanted to make conversation, but being pretty upset with Bill, she made him leave. A few days later he arrived at her doorstep with a bunch of flowers that looked like they'd been picked from someone's garden, and they were tied with a shoelace. She said if she's known he was the famed poet, she'd have kept the lace, I told her I would have kept the couch and labeled it "Dylan slept here"

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~~ chris

Monday, March 15, 2010

Kings Rd, Chelsea - Freebie Papers

I placed these in two packages so there are 2 download links.
There are the papers shown and 2 ribbons - one is translucent to take on the color beneath. I also included an extra red paper that's a little brighter for those of you without the program to do this yourself. I did the Butterfly at a very low resolution so it didn't look too good at close-up. I'll try to make one for my next pack later on. Hope you enjoy these, Chris

BTW the lower papers are a bit plain looking, but go will with the upper ones.

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~~ chris

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday afternoon in Hyde Park

The paper from my paper pack giveaway below.
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Friday, March 12, 2010

Springtime Hyde Park

I finally finished my first freebie. It's amazing how fiddly it is trying to get the final papers done. I have another 100 or so papers on my desktop all waiting to be processed.
When doing papers for my own pages it was simple and didn't matter if there were imperfections or didn't have the perfect texture, because I could fix as needed. Giving them to other people though - even if it's only a couple of folks, I had to make sure the design was centered and correct, the texture was subtle and not like a rocky beach when viewed at full view, the overlap was trimmed etc, etc.
I have to admit these are a little safe and sedate and not the wild grunge I usually like, but at least it's a start. Now to find out how to zip, name and upload to the proper place. Advice is invited.

Well duh!! After searching the web,and even asking on twitter where to get a zip program on my Mac (I used to have one on Windows) A kindly gentleman told me it w as already on my mac but called the archive!

Sorry, the Digital Paper Freebies are no longer available. 
~~ chris