Tuesday, January 13, 2015

This house is based on Howard Lamey's  Twin Peaks Beach house.  I did my own thing with the windows and doors though.

Little paper house

I made this from an Etsy paper pattern.

After a two year siesta!

At my age, it really doesn't feel that long ago that I wrote to this blog……. just a short nap, but I probably should have waited until next Thursday to post this - then it would be a two year anniversary!   I did want to post some of the fun things I've been doing with my new hobby, the Silhouette Cameo machine.  Lots of fun making Christmas cards and decorations, in fact the poor machine hasn't had much of a rest since hubby bought it for my birthday last September.  Actually, I purchased it online and told him what he'd gifted me - he was much relieved that he didn't have to go out searching for something.
I made a number of box cards from the very talented folks at SVGCUTS.  Also lots and lots of tiny houses - mostly glitter and putz style, to place on top of Christmas treat boxes for my family and friends.  It's the houses that have really held my interest, but now that Christmas is over, I hope I can still find fun things to make.