Saturday, May 19, 2012

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Yesterday at Jo-Ann's

So the darling great granddaughters came with us, I treasure them dearly, but not while shopping - they don’t help when I need to figure things out at the jewelry department.  They did have a good time with all the glittery and shiny goodies to enjoy.  Every few minute I’d hear “Nana. look at this lovely (whatever)” shouted at me in their loudest voices - just in caseI didn’t hear.
I came home with just a few things in my bag that inluded two Somerset books (I thought I was buying their magazines), and a couple of lovely reusable $1.99 totes. 
Between my daughter and I, we each had a basket, and often took different directions for our shopping, we were distracted a lot by the children and  kept changing and getting mixed up with our baskets.  Somehow, we must have gained a basket and lost another that held all my jewelry findings somewhere in the store.  I was so tired I didn’t even miss them until I got home.  I checked my receipt that was around $50 but they hadn't been added.

Howard helped me cook the supper and while he was clearing away the dishes, I fell asleep exhausted on the couch.  I had been pushing through the day with only about three hours of sleep from the evening before, so my brain power was at an all time low.
Today, Howard is taking me back to Jo-Ann.  Do you think we’ll find my basket?  I hate having to go through all that figuring what I need again.

My comfy Bohemian Frump couch

I just had to get rid of my "Blob" picture sitting front and center of this blog. I do have some freebies coming up but am still looking for another place to upload them. I was playing with circles and had a lot of fun blending with some older flower photos. I think some of the designs are a bit too much for a full scrapbook page, but as borders or strips, they're pretty.

The papers I designed way back when, are still being worked on.  After a real close-up look at the design, I couldn't let them go with all the messed up pixels underneath the top surface.  Careless blending in Photoshop will do this, and I'm very guilty of getting carried away with all the lovely colors and textures I see on the  upper surface.

I've been out of sorts for many months with my eyes.  Even now I can only see by closing my left eye and squinting, so anything I design these days is a bit iffy, unless everyone else squints like me to view what I've done!  I had a detached retina, and after the surgery to fix it, I now have cataracts - very bad in the left eye, but I can see enough to get around a bit - no driving though.
We bought a 27 inch iMac to replace our 24 inch that crashed, but everything is twice as small instead of larger. The magnifying feature brings things closer and larger, but it gets pretty bad for moving around the page. I think I prefer my older mac - except for the lack of memory that's needed for working in Photoshop. Let's hope this typing doesn't end up gobbledygook! I'll edit it later with better eyes.
Oh, I was getting bored and decided to play around with our 24 inch crashed iMac.  After several weeks of Googling and trying out a variety of things, I got it up and working!  It wasn't the hard drive after all, so I ordered more memory so it won't crash again for a while (I put the memory and special screwdriver somewhere and with limited eyesight, can't find it).  
I think I'll dedicate one of these machines to my favorite Brit TV programs that I watch from YouTube.  I'll be able to relax downstairs in my living room on my comfy Bohemian Frump couch, with a nice cup of tea.  The couch has tassel  type fringe all around the bottom now  they omitted it from my order by mistake, but sent me heaps after I told them.  With fabric glue, it wasn't  difficult to glue on. I put the green trees on our deck - they make a great privacy screen!