Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tintagel Castle, Cornwall, England

  We began our walk to the castle at sea level, then after a fairly hilly walk, we saw the steps all the way up to the actual castle,  I didn't think I would make it - but did.   The entrance, where the photographer is standing,  is the most interesting area, with all its nooks and crannies.

I finished this layout long ago but couldn't find my photo to go with it.  I finally remembered I used our camcorder at the time because it brought out more of the depth than my film camera  - this was before Digital.

I want to thank the following photographer for the use of his photograph, which is published under Creative Common License:  Phillip Fayers for Tintagel Castle

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Learning Photoshop

Photoshop CS5 has so many new features to learn, and I've been delighted to discover many of them through the teachings of Jason Hoppe last year, and last week I attended a 4-day Intensive Workshop with Lesa Snider.

I admit I was quite biased in favor of Jason, but then found that Lesa Snider's teachings complemented his, very nicely.

If you've never taken classes at CreativeLive, and you're a bit of a techie like me, you're missing out!   When they first have a workshop/class, it's real time and free.  Watching on the screen, typing in questions to be answered by the instructor, and chatting while making friends with others in the chatroom, takes on the feeling of being in an actual classroom.

They replay that days stream through the night so you can watch it again, and it remains free to watch until the class is completed.  The cost is low compared to similar classes online and at a discount if you buy while it's live. After purchasing the class and receiving the links from them, you can download to watch at any time or place of your choosing.  If you prefer to save the space, you can leave it on the CL site and watch from there any time you wish.
I won this e-book at a drawing during a previous class.
It's so much better to be able to view a class before buying, I wish more company's were this generous.

Click here to see the courses available:  CreativeLive Course Catalog

"Full Tilt Boogie" tutorial by Mary Ann Moss

I'm playing with my camera on manual in an attempt to get photos of my ROTD Journal.  I'll probably end up using my P&S outside to take them if it gets too complicated!

I signed up for the latest class by Mary Ann Moss, she is such a terrific teacher!  I checked out all the classes and videos and she lays everything out as clear as the ROTD one.  Lots of short steps makes one neat book with a variety of different binding stitches and techniques.  I won't begin it until I find some neat old book covers to use from the Antique shops of New England.  I'm so glad I didn't get rid of my scrap papers when I went digital, these journals will make make good use of them for nice gifts to someone.

The new class is called Full Tilt Boogie, such a fun loving name, just like it's owner, Mary Ann.
Check out her class description here:    Full Tilt Boogie by Mary Ann Moss

"Remainder of the Day" tutorial by Mary Ann Moss

I've been having so much fun making journals with the tutorial "Remainder of the Day" by Mary Ann Moss.  I could never be happy sitting back doing nothing, that's probably why I dislike beach vacations so much.  I loved exploring the undeveloped beaches of Guam and Hawaii years ago though.  Going back to these same spots on the Internet, I see all the changes and how commercial they've become.  I  wonder if they are as fun as we once had climbing the rocks down to the beach area, and finding all kinds of shells, and other things that washed ashore?  I wish I had a digital camera back then (way, way back!).

Check out  Remains of the Day Sneak Peak video HERE