Friday, September 03, 2010

The Story of Leah

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The journaling reads: "The story of Leah who came all the way
from China to live in this strange new world.  She had to put up with food
that she had never tasted before; words coming out of people's mouths
that she did not know. and visits to doctors who pricked her arm,
poked at her tummy and bound her feet and legs in plaster
making it difficult to get around. It would be years before she'd
understand this was all done for love for this sweet little girl so she
could walk tall and free.

Our granddaughter is having non surgical treatments for her club feet.
Her legs are in casts that have to be changed each week.

This first week she appears to be doing fine.

Another paper from my upcoming kit. The the frame with stitching isn't included.
The free stitches were made by GUNHILD STOREIDE
and found on her website: Gunhild Storeide

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Leah so cute

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More papers for my next give away kit. The frame and recolored curly ribbons are not included.
They are free graphics made by the talented Gunhild Storeide
and found on her website: Gunhild Storeide
The frame is found on page 19, and the ribbon (Gingham Bows) are on page 2

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Leah's Second Birthday

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Using my daughter and granddaughter to show one of the papers I've been working on. 
These past few years I've been getting all girlie and pretty! I used to love grunge and gritty.
Oh, the flowers in the paper are from a photo I took outside a McDonald's in Hazleton Pa.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Oh Hurtie Feet!

I've had lots of fun during the summer making papers. I used the blender in Photoshop to combine and mix some photos from my nice new camera with some of the sketches and brushes I'd previously done, but the finished images remain in a frozen state on my computer desktop.

Of course it didn't help move things along when I sprained my foot, became immobile, and had to rely on my dear hubby for everything. At first, he'd occasionally forget I was upstairs and couldn't move, so I just breathed in the whiffs from his Stouffer's lunch as it heated in the microwave. I knew it wouldn't be long before he'd bring me a cup of tea - he's always been thoughtful like that even when I can move around, and since we've always eaten separate lunches, this was an easy forget. I didn't want to be one of those constant complainers or a "get me this" and "get me that" sort of invalid. Mind you, I found myself turning into one of these with very little effort.

My first bit of independence came with the desk chair on wheels Howard so brilliantly thought up. It felt so good to be able to get off the bed and wheel myself around upstairs for the short spurts my foot didn't hurt. I even braved the crawl down the stairs and up again (warning: don't try this for more than a day, it's murder on tender knees!). Howard would carry the chair downstairs for me to move around in the living room and kitchen until we remembered another unused chair in the basement, so now I had one on each floor. It was pure luxury to be able to crawl downstairs, pull myself up (I need to lose some weight!) without slipping on the tiled floor, and use this second chair to manipulate myself around the kitchen to get breakfast and lunch for myself.

As my injured foot started to heal, the other one flared up - what pain! It was probably because of the extra use and twisting I gave it while "wheeling" myself around. But each day my feet grew a little stronger and the pain milder. It took weeks before I could actually limp down the stairs using both my feet. Then I did the whole ten yards and walked (ever so slowly) all the way to the basement and back without aid of chairs to wheel me. Today I removed my elastic bandages and feel very little pain, what joy!

Although my feet are not completely healed, I'm back at my main computer and looking through all the papers I previously made, but still I can't seem to let them go. They just aren't good enough, they're too pretty-pretty, have no texture, the colors are too safe. etc. etc....and that's why they sit there frozen.

Maybe I'll post a couple on this blog for a few days to see how they look in another setting......

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Leah Freebie Digital Pack.

Please click for a larger view

I hope you enjoy this pack. It has 12 papers and a few extra items. I enjoyed playing with some of my flower and texture photos in Photoshop's blending modes, then added some watercolor brushwork. These came out a little bright, but I have a more subdued pastel pack and also some graphic style papers, suitable for minimalist layouts in the works for my next give aways. Unfortunately I won't be able to get them finished until the end of the month, summer is very busy right now.

Sorry, the Digital Paper Freebies are no longer available. 

~~ chris

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Leah Papers. I would love a hint - Do you prefer the pastel or bright?

Please click image for a larger size    

I want to celebrate the flower because they're celebrating The Chelsea Flower Show in London right now, and I would so love to be there. I also want to celebrate our new granddaughter whom we met for the first time a few days ago and she's as pretty as a perfect flower. Welcome to your new country and your new family Leah.
This is a peek at the papers I'm working on named Leah to celebrate the flower and this sweet little girl. I've many of the same design but different colors and I understand people not liking re-colored papers, but these have been re-colored through a process of blending and adding a variety of multicolored layers and textures, and not simply re-colored in Photoshop's Hue and Saturation mode. I wonder if this is realized? Anyway I'm trying to get a few more different papers to to with these. They'll be free as usual.

The Chelsea Flower Show is put on by the Royal Horticultural Society in Chelsea, London each May. This is possibly the most famous gardening event in the world and because it's so popular, tickets have to be bought in advance. The first couple of days is only open to RHS members.

Sorry, the Digital Paper Freebies are no longer available. 
~~ chris

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Free Photography classes all weekend starting Friday 14th 1pm

I'm one of their junkies, but otherwise have nothing to do with Creative Live

(formerly Creative Tech) except I want to spread the word about their terrific classes.

This weekend there's going to be a rewatch of the first six weeks of The Fundamentals of Digital Photography Course, with John Greengo.

He's a part of the team with Art Wolfe's "Travels to the Edge" TV series and is a very intelligent and knowledgeable teacher who has a unique style of teaching with his own terrific graphics. These really help simplify the understanding of the many photography concepts.

It's free unless you want to download the classes to re-watch later. Me and my new camera will probably be there the whole weekend so I'd better get some meals made ahead of time!
Check out Creative Live

- A Live Worldwide Creative Classroom

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Devon Cottage freebie

Please click image for a larger size

A bit of shabby chic that remind me of the worn, but clean, linens that covered the tables of the tea shops, where we would stop in the afternoons for our cream teas, in Devon, England. 

I hope you enjoy this pack that include papers, pattern and plain, a couple of masks, and a few extras. Scroll down to see examples of it in use under "Shabby Chic" Along with other freebie papers.

Sorry, the Digital Paper Freebies are no longer available. 
~~ chris

Friday, April 02, 2010

The West Country, England

We've been looking at our photos taken on our last visit to England and it's getting me a bit homesick. When we do our month long visit, we love to visit one of the West counties; Devon or Cornwall, then on to Wales for a week, up to the Lake District and down again to London for a visit with my family. Devon has many tourist spots along the coast and it's a nice visit after all the children go back to school and free of all the crowds. A raincoat and rain hat are always on hand, umbrellas are cumbersome and too easily left behind as we have our Cornish Pasty and chips along with our ale in one of the pubs for lunch.

If we have a large breakfast and skip lunch, a cream tea at one of the tiny tea shops or Patisserie is a must for later in the afternoon. In England supper extends to midnight in some areas.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Freebie Shabby Chic papers (Devon Cottage)

Our grt granddaughter, Brooke

Granddaughter, Ally


Our daughter and grand daughter.

I've been re-visiting photos of our summer visits to Devon, England and am working on some shabby chic worn cottage-looking papers. These are a few of them and I hope to get the rest by next week. I'll also be adding a few elements (star spray, butterfly etc.) and some clipping masks.
The Word Quotes in the 2 lower L/O's are from PhotographyWordArt by Ali Edwards at Designer
The Disney Land L/O is much paler than in Photoshop. I'll check a printed version and may have to modify it.
I'm using some word art (smile) "mod-quotes2" by Fei-fei's Stuff at and in the L/O with 3 pictures "You" is from taylormade-signature3-alpha also at This last one was a lift and I have to go search who's it was lifted from.

Sorry, the Digital Paper Freebies are no longer available. 
~~ chris

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Free pp in two links please scroll down

My great granddaughters, Brooke and Bria last December.
This is more of the King's Rd, Chelsea Papers that I'm offering as a freebie pack.

Chelsea was the home of many famous people: Shelley, Sir Thomas More and J W Turner. Oscar Wilde, George Eliot,and later Mick Jagger have all had homes there. It's most famous street, King's Road, is part of the long promenade that runs from the Royal Mews through Sloane Square. It was laid out by Charles II as a link between the Palace of Westminster and Hampton Court. In the fifties there were many boutiques and art galleries along this road, but now it's filled with the same shops as is found on most high streets.

Sorry, the Digital Paper Freebies are no longer available. 
~~ chris

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"Dylan slept here" Chelsea in the 1950's

This paper and ribbon is offered as a freebie along with some other jeweled toned papers. Arty Chelsea in in the 50's was my inspiration.

Dylan Thomas slept here

London's Chelsea was once the place of writers and artists and a bit of Bohemia. My sister, Marie and her husband fit well as they made their home here before they moved to Rio de Janeiro in the fifties. Marie told me a story of the time she woke up one morning after Bill, her husband, had left for work and discovered one of his drinking buddies asleep on the couch. When he got up he wanted to make conversation, but being pretty upset with Bill, she made him leave. A few days later he arrived at her doorstep with a bunch of flowers that looked like they'd been picked from someone's garden, and they were tied with a shoelace. She said if she's known he was the famed poet, she'd have kept the lace, I told her I would have kept the couch and labeled it "Dylan slept here"

Sorry, the Digital Paper Freebies are no longer available. 
~~ chris

Monday, March 15, 2010

Kings Rd, Chelsea - Freebie Papers

I placed these in two packages so there are 2 download links.
There are the papers shown and 2 ribbons - one is translucent to take on the color beneath. I also included an extra red paper that's a little brighter for those of you without the program to do this yourself. I did the Butterfly at a very low resolution so it didn't look too good at close-up. I'll try to make one for my next pack later on. Hope you enjoy these, Chris

BTW the lower papers are a bit plain looking, but go will with the upper ones.

Sorry, the Digital Paper Freebies are no longer available. 
~~ chris

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday afternoon in Hyde Park

The paper from my paper pack giveaway below.
Tags are from KPertiet at Designer Digitals
Couldn't resist lifting PeppermintG's page at


Friday, March 12, 2010

Springtime Hyde Park

I finally finished my first freebie. It's amazing how fiddly it is trying to get the final papers done. I have another 100 or so papers on my desktop all waiting to be processed.
When doing papers for my own pages it was simple and didn't matter if there were imperfections or didn't have the perfect texture, because I could fix as needed. Giving them to other people though - even if it's only a couple of folks, I had to make sure the design was centered and correct, the texture was subtle and not like a rocky beach when viewed at full view, the overlap was trimmed etc, etc.
I have to admit these are a little safe and sedate and not the wild grunge I usually like, but at least it's a start. Now to find out how to zip, name and upload to the proper place. Advice is invited.

Well duh!! After searching the web,and even asking on twitter where to get a zip program on my Mac (I used to have one on Windows) A kindly gentleman told me it w as already on my mac but called the archive!

Sorry, the Digital Paper Freebies are no longer available. 
~~ chris

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Dance little lady

Ally's dance lesson.
The background paper and dancing dolls are by chris (me), the clipping mask is from Annna Aspnes kit : 12X12PageHPFotoBlendz2_.

There's this British paper cutting artist that does wonderful paper sculptures coming out of books. Seeing them was an inspiration for doing my - more stylized paper dolls.

Su Blackwell:

Tuesday, February 02, 2010


My brother George.

I saw a movie-star grid like this on the net so made one for my brother's photos.
I need to give credit for the texture background - will hunt it down.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Maybe I wont delete this blog after all.

Except for the occasional visitor, I thought I was pretty much alone here posting pages for my family to see. They have busy lives and only look if I show them, so I gradually started to neglect my two blogs. I finally decided to get rid of both of them and just keep my stuff on my computer.

I was shocked when I discovered Picasa, and found out the number of views I was getting. Some of my layouts have over a thousand hits, I realize this is not many to some active blogs, but when you think no one is watching, it is! I now feel guilty that I haven't been posting the credits for my layouts. Most are from, or made by me.

My original intent for blogging was to use it to give away freebies of the many papers and elements I was making in Photoshop. Now I know I have visitors, I might just try to learn how to do that.

Life on Silver Lake

We sit and watch nature do its thing as people play in their party boats
and the camp children maneuver their bright blue kayaks out of the way.
The occasional seaplane disrupts the quiet as it positions itself to span the breadth of the lake.
We watch an eagle scoop its supper with a single plunge as the camera gets ready to open its eye. . . .not soon enough.
The ducks also sense the click and so dance a little ditty as they scamper on their way.
Yes we watch while the heron. . . .or is that a crane? sweeps down to find a spot amongst the reeds.
We sit, we wait, and we watch. . . .

I've used my words about our visits to Silver Lake before, also the photo but Anna Aspnes Fun Play kit brought them together in a different way.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Joey skateboard

Christmas Decorations

Meeting Santa

Meeting up with my daughter and two of her children and her two grandchildren at the mall. It was over an hour wait the little ones did well in line until we were almost at the end. The little one, Bria, spilled her drink all over her tights and Brooke, who was so excited before, decided she didn't want to meet Santa. Fortunately there was a Gymboree close by so I rushed and bought an overall and Linda just changed her in time. Couldn't get a smile from them!

I made the bubbles from a web tutorial