Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My new toy - Wacom Pen Tablet!

I finally broke down and bought a Wacom Tablet.  I had a windfall of a little money to play with and It was a choice between this or a new lens for my camera and this won out, plus I still have enough left over for another toy!  I've been doodling and playing with the new brushes in Photoshop with the pen of this tablet since I unwrapped it.  It's so much fun!
I doodled spots and scallops on a background paper that I showed earlier, and the butterflies are of a brush I made from a real butterfly I've had for years, and the little girl is my sweet granddaughter, Ally,  showing off her hair wrap!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Blended and Textured design

I found a couple of the background blended papers that I had done with the help of Doug Landreth's  texture, and the techniques learned in his class last week, so Photoshop didn't eat the lot of them up after all.  These are more like my own, older style, but not as grungy.   I'd like to get some images and play more with texture and Photoshop.
I took this class: Beyond Photography - Artistic Post Production at Creative Live last week, and I'm so glad I purchased the course before the broadcast was finished - it was at a discount then.  I've been watching bits of it again whenever I have a free moment and although I've got a good grasp on Photoshop, I found many nuggets, throughout the class, just as Doug Landreth said I would!

I might start posting my blended photos one of these days…when I get one good enough to show…when I have enough guts.  I did blend one of my designs with a texture that Doug gave to us, and really liked it, unfortunately Photoshop crashed and ate it all up before I saved it.

I've got a few of my old photo blends somewhere hidden amongst my one-photo-a-day posts on my other blog:  A Snippet a Day - I'm not very good at sticking with things I don't want to stick with, and gave up that project so soon!

Blended Designs

These are two backgrounds that were basically the base
 of those below.  These were made in Photoshop
with brushes - mostly my own, a few other overlays,
gradients, and flowers that I drew with the
pen tool - all done in Photoshop.
I need to stop blending and making backgrounds
since my EHD's are filling up too quickly!

Blended Designs

Warning - you might need sunglasses for
some of these!
Click to enlarge and see the many layers.

Playing with the blends in Photoshop gets to be addictive
and somewhat dangerous to all those pixels that are mixed
together. There's a lot of patience needed and heaps of
repair work with so many layers placed in the
blender - but I love doing it!