Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Trafalgar Square, London, 1981

I'm doing an album for my two daughters from slides of all the places they've been. Credits later

This was a trip to England to meet their relatives. They were so surprised to find so many cousins their same age!
They were climbing the lions in Trafalgar Square when these two lads came by. They were fascinated by Linda's accent and wanted to know more about America. Cousin Joanne is looking on.


Lucille's daughter, Lauren, Linda and Lucille with her son.
This is the area where a Japanese soldier held out from WW2. He was discovered in his hiding cave in 1972.

Skyline Drive, Virginia 1965

Linda with her dad.

Linda with me. This was a lift of Christina's page on Designer Digitals website

Japan 1970

On a trip to the five grand Lakes of Japan. I'm looking in the direction of Mount Fuji, but Howard didn't capture it in the photo so I added a later pic.

My two little girls, Linda and Lauren. Yokohama, Japan

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Grandson, Mikey on the boat to Martha's Vineyard, Cape Cod.

Linda Contentment

Granddaughter, Brandy.