Saturday, January 30, 2010

Maybe I wont delete this blog after all.

Except for the occasional visitor, I thought I was pretty much alone here posting pages for my family to see. They have busy lives and only look if I show them, so I gradually started to neglect my two blogs. I finally decided to get rid of both of them and just keep my stuff on my computer.

I was shocked when I discovered Picasa, and found out the number of views I was getting. Some of my layouts have over a thousand hits, I realize this is not many to some active blogs, but when you think no one is watching, it is! I now feel guilty that I haven't been posting the credits for my layouts. Most are from, or made by me.

My original intent for blogging was to use it to give away freebies of the many papers and elements I was making in Photoshop. Now I know I have visitors, I might just try to learn how to do that.

Life on Silver Lake

We sit and watch nature do its thing as people play in their party boats
and the camp children maneuver their bright blue kayaks out of the way.
The occasional seaplane disrupts the quiet as it positions itself to span the breadth of the lake.
We watch an eagle scoop its supper with a single plunge as the camera gets ready to open its eye. . . .not soon enough.
The ducks also sense the click and so dance a little ditty as they scamper on their way.
Yes we watch while the heron. . . .or is that a crane? sweeps down to find a spot amongst the reeds.
We sit, we wait, and we watch. . . .

I've used my words about our visits to Silver Lake before, also the photo but Anna Aspnes Fun Play kit brought them together in a different way.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Joey skateboard

Christmas Decorations

Meeting Santa

Meeting up with my daughter and two of her children and her two grandchildren at the mall. It was over an hour wait the little ones did well in line until we were almost at the end. The little one, Bria, spilled her drink all over her tights and Brooke, who was so excited before, decided she didn't want to meet Santa. Fortunately there was a Gymboree close by so I rushed and bought an overall and Linda just changed her in time. Couldn't get a smile from them!

I made the bubbles from a web tutorial