Thursday, January 03, 2008

Ikebana Lesson 1970

Although I spent a number of years studying the art of Japanese flower arranging, there were rarely, if any photos of me arranging because I was always the one behind the camera!

Edosan, showing the lines of soe to a friend.

Once a week our teacher would travel all the way
from Tokyo just for us five girls!

Our lesson was always such a treat. Besides talk
of flowers, there was always good conversation on
Japanese philosophy and art

Doris Castle:BG paper:CreamBordered, LeJardin
Frame: ARafaello_tattered_n_torn_sample
C Renee_AlphaBits
Gina Cabrera: Bow_Floral, Ribbon_OrangeFlower_Brown
RME_oriental_stamp6. RME_oriental_fan RME_oriental_paper8
Ztampf PhotoTurn_Arrow2, Soul Searching kit
Font: urura

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